Placement test

My role UX Designer, UI Designer, Illustrator



The placement test is an evaluation students are doing at the beginning of the program. The main challenges on these projects are to be able to give a great experience to students but also to teachers so that they have all the information they need about the test.

Team Designer, Devs, Product Owner, Educational content team, Data Scientists

My role UX Design, UI Design, Illustrator

Context Lalilo 2019

★ Goal Provide a cross experience between students and teachers.

The problem: testimonial

The improvement of the placement test was due to a lot of feedbacks on the website’s chat Intercom. We had a lot of feedback about differents teachers from different places. We had more than 100 of them.



So that student can have a great experience through the placement test, we imagined a flow so that students can be rewarded with storytelling along they way.


Student experience

The placement test is punctuated with animations and storytelling so that student can have a starting experience on the platform that doesn't look like a test.

What I've learned

• Prioritize product decision according to the impact and resources
• Think an experience that is going in parallel for 2 different users
• Engage student into a serious experience (test) and reward them along the way
• Understand teacher’s need and make sure the student experience is well understood by them


Lorry Packo