Cultural place and venues page

My role UX Designer, UI Designer



Pass Culture is a French ministry initiative where 18yo can have access to money to spend on cultural offers in France. To be able to look at places instead of just several offers, we needed to develop the place page. On this page, they would be able to search for offers, open hours, and itineraries.

Team Designer, Devs, Product Owner, Onsite Business developer

My role UX Design, UI Design

Context Pass Culture - 2021

★ Goal Let possibilities for 18yo to look at offers in cultural  places they discover.

Process definition

To fit user's need to be able to access offers by cultural places we went through a process that is defined in Notion and can be adapted depending on the project. 


Features prioritization

To be sure to include features users need, we did workshops and surveys to users to choose our principals' features that will build the places page. Each member of the squad was included in this workshop via Miro to be remote-friendly.


Sketching workshop

To help visualize how the features are going to appear, we did a workshop with my squad and also the PRO stream. Pro Stream is working on the web page where markets can put their offers. Content on the app needs to be linked to the web page, offers are put in.


What I've learned

• Work on a project in a squad with other teammates.
• Animate different workshops and user tests to iterate on what we deliver.
• Test and design what is delivered on IOS and Android smartphones.


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